Take Your Restaurant Online for Free with Bookmyorder in 2021

Take Your Restaurant Online for Free with Bookmyorder in 2021

Covid-19 is still here to kill us and our daily routines. Many countries have declared a lockdown in many areas, towns, and cities to prevent the coronavirus pandemic. But still, we have to do something to fulfill our needs, wants, and desires in this scenario. 

Especially, Food! Yes, Food! We are so much addicted to technology. We don't like to go out through mud, rain, or traffic to place an order in a restaurant.

Online Ordering System is a Solution + Revolution

So, what’s the solution for this? The answer is an online ordering system. The online ordering system, sometimes also called an online takeaway, virtual ordering or simply, contactless table ordering has addressed this issue effectively. Just place an order with just a few clicks on your beloved smart devices.

Why are Online Ordering Systems Are Saviors for Restaurants?

 An online ordering system offers many advantages:

1. Practicality

quick installation, possible use wherever you are, from where and when you want, 7/7 and 24/24;

2. time savings

at least thirty minutes per day (i.e., 12 hours per month) according to the developers;

3. increase in turnover

the installation of the system is generally followed by an increase in your turnover, thanks to the optimization of the filling rate and the rotation of tables;

4. flexibility

the solutions adapt to needs by offering unlimited or almost unlimited paid features (limitation of reservations according to hours, seating plans, integration of events or special offers, online payment, confirmation SMS to customers, use of data to offer promotions and loyalty, etc.)

What are the Nightmares or Problems for Restaurants?

But there are some problems for restaurants that how to choose an online ordering system.

1. Dealing with Web Development Company is a Tedious Job

This is also a big mistake many restaurant owners make to build an online ordering system. Many restaurant owners don’t have adequate knowledge of the technical side. Cheap development companies build them inadequate virtual ordering system that ends up with a lot of bugs, inconsistencies, etc. Obviously, it’s a tedious and hectic job as well.

2. Laborious Process

Time consumption is another huge trouble-making element after choosing the wrong web development agency. Now you want to create an online ordering system. First, you have to find a good company to build the system, and it will definitely take time. Then you will be going through a lengthy software development process.

Obviously, the company will charge you a huge amount for creating a system, then for domain hosting, and then managing your property. 

Tedious Work 

So, this is a time-consuming process. You are trying to compete in this digital world. Your audience wants solutions within a matter of seconds. Your customers can’t wait for that long. You have to come up with a robust and yet quick possible solution.

So, there are so many risk factors for restaurants to tackle this situation if they want to stand tall in the competitor market. Now, what is the solution? How can we help you with this?

Hey, Bookmyorder! Can you help me?

Bookmyorder is giving you an opportunity to take your restaurant for free in 2021. Bookmyorder is a free online ordering system for restaurants highly focused on delivering intelligent solutions for restaurants that drive sales in 2021 and beyond.

With the help of Bookmyorder, restaurants can make customized menus according to their business needs. 

Bookmyorder offers an aesthetic, easy-to-use customer and admin dashboard to streamline your business and life. 

Multi-Location Support

Whenever customers visit your website to place an order for takeaway, or delivery, they will multiple locations. After clicking the desired location, he will see the menu and that’s it. So, it’s an amazing way to drives sales to your restaurant business.

Quick Menu Setup

Bookmyorder allows restaurants to quickly set up their menus within an hour. So, don’t let your customers wait for anything. 

Multi-Lingual Support

Do you have an audience that speaks other languages too? Don’t worry! Our multi-lingual support will also serve those customers who don’t speak English. Our multilingual support works by offering your restaurant customers a language choice when they call your support line or browse to your company website.

Unlimited Orders

Many online ordering systems can’t able to manage bulk orders from your customers. But Bookmyorder is built in a way that can handle a large volume of online orders hassle-free. So, you can feed many customers simultaneously. 

Delivery, Takeaway, and Dine-in

Our free restaurant order-taking platform allows you to receive and confirm orders & reservations from your own smartphone or tablet.

Online Payment

Stay ahead of the game by enabling your customers to pay online, by card, Stripe, or PayPal. We can integrate other payment methods upon your request as well.

Restaurant Panel

Restaurant Panel Features allows you to do many things such as: creating menus, setting up business hours, invoice management, etc.

Email Management

Our easy-to-use and robust email management feature will allow you to manage all of your conversations with your customers.

Live Website Editing

Our powerful SaaS-based online ordering system also allows you to live edit your website to give a customized user experience to your customers.

Let’s Collaborate with Bookmyorder

So, we have seen how the online ordering system has addressed the modern problems of customers and restaurants as well. Consumers are looking for simpler solutions as far as food is concerned.

And if your restaurant is not providing what your customers are looking for then there is no chance for you to be survived. You have to carry the latest technology and tools to stay ahead of your competitors. Bookmyorder is ready to help and support you grow more. 

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