7 Reasons Why Your Restaurant Needs an In-House Online Ordering System

7 Reasons Why Your Restaurant Needs an In-House Online Ordering System

Online food ordering is here to stay. More than 60% of U.S. foodies already order takeout or delivery once a week, and COVID-19 has cast a dark cloud over the restaurant industry, with more restaurants closing down each day. Still, now it makes more sense than ever before to get started on your in-house online ordering system that you will have full ownership of, so there's no need for another third-party platform like Postmates or UberEats to take away any profits from your restaurant hard work!

In-House Online Ordering System Benefits

1. Start using an in-house online ordering system and keep all the profits

The online food ordering system is a great way to make money. You can have the best of both worlds by cutting out the middleman and keeping all of your profits for yourself. It’s also more cost-effective than using third-party delivery apps that take up to 30% of each sale. With in-house restaurant POS software, you can control it and manage it on your own without any hassle or stress.

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You don't have to worry about paying a third party for every single order, which means more money in your pocket! Plus, it will only take minutes before your customers can place their orders from anywhere with our easy-to-use restaurant panel dashboard. It doesn't matter if they're at home or on their phone - our free online ordering system will deliver them right where they need them without any hassle. And best yet, there's no monthly fee! It's completely free.

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2. It offers a more customized experience to your customers

With your own restaurant's online ordering system, you control all the variables and can make changes on the go. You'll put customers first by offering customized menus with special offers for your loyal customers. Plus, avoid long wait times like when your restaurant is out of a specific dish or wants to change prices midstream—you'll get feedback sooner!

Additionally, you can make changes on the spot (means live website editing feature available on bookmyorder). You can also avoid bad reviews that come with third-party portals taking their sweet time in processing orders.

3. It gives you full control of the ordering experience 

One of the most significant advantages of having in-house online ordering software is that it gives you full control of the ordering process. It allows you to both control and verifies the information a customer provides. And fully customized interface gives customers the most streamlined experience possible.

How Bookmyorder can help you?

Bookmyorder gives you total control over every aspect of the user experience - from the look and feels of a website itself down to how each menu item is displayed on a screen so that it looks exactly like what we would print out if they came into our store today.

4. It helps you to collect valuable customer data

Imagine the potential! You could know what dish is the most popular, who your most loyal customers are, and even offer customized experiences that target people based on their food ordering habits. This way, you can increase revenue by knowing exactly how to delight clients with personalized offers for a better dining experience - all without having some other company do it for you or represent your brand!

5. You establish customer loyalty

With your very own restaurant order-taking system, you are the star of the show. Any third-party app is only as good at being loyal to its user as the customer wants them to be, which means that they will not necessarily stay loyal with their food choice in general either.

However, suppose you offer online ordering yourself. In that case, it safeguards against any potential competitor coming up behind and stealing customers away from your brand because they are already invested in what you have to say about cuisine or service; all thanks for offering this option directly on-site and saving us time too!

6. You keep your restaurant brand image safe

Having your own online food order system means clients can reach you directly if there’s an issue with the order or the food. Then, you can solve the problem directly. With third-party online delivery platforms, clients have no way of getting in touch with you and cannot give vital feedback to improve your service or products that could potentially put a dent on customer satisfaction levels for both parties involved.

7. You stand out

The in-house online ordering system will put your restaurant head and shoulders above the competition. Customers can quickly go to a third-party site like Grubhub instead of yours with an app or website, which is buried at the bottom of long lists with no way for them to find it when they want you most.

Still, now that's all changed because people prefer direct contact with restaurants making more than 70% happy about their experience thanks to this new technology. In comparison, 30% are unhappy, so capitalize on those satisfied customers by offering good food and service!

Final Words

Choosing to create an in-house online ordering system for your restaurant can be a big decision. But, with the right team on board and proper implementation of such systems, you could see increased efficiency, higher revenue from more orders being processed at once, and even improved customer retention rates.

If you’re considering building your own online ordering platform or want to find out how bookmyorder might help improve your business by providing a free quote for what we offer, contact us today! We would love to show you some of our work and hear about what challenges you need addressing within your organization.

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