The Ultimate Guide to WiFi Marketing for Restaurants

The Ultimate Guide to WiFi Marketing for Restaurants

We all know that WiFi marketing for restaurants is a great way to increase profits, but it can be hard to figure out how to do this right.

Most restaurants don't have a clue about WiFi marketing for their restaurant business. It means they're missing out on tons of potential customers and revenue.

You don't need to feel lost anymore because we've created the ultimate guide for restaurant owners who want to learn more about using guest WiFi networks in their restaurant establishment.

What is WiFi marketing and how does it work?

WiFi marketing is a new and innovative way to capture the attention of customers who are looking for quality WiFi.

This type of digital signage will display your restaurant's information, as well as opportunities that you offer if visitors log into their social media accounts or email address on sign-on splash pages.

They can be customized depending on what your goals are – choose from Facebook likes, Twitter follows, YouTube video views and more!

The main idea behind this technology is to convert your visitors into customers.

It's a fast way to build traffic and business exposure on the web, while offering accurate, real-time analytics that you can use to create customer personas and better target those who are likely to visit your restairamt brand.

This form of digital signage will promote business awareness by displaying information, messages and offers to customers while they're waiting for their food.

Usually the signs are placed on the tables or walls of your restaurant, or near cash registers where people will see it when they walk in.

Why use WiFi marketing for restaurants?

1. Keep records of potential customers

Using WiFi marketing for restaurants is a great way to market your restaurant and increase sales. Capturing emails on WiFi means that in most cases, they'll get free internet access as an incentive.

This will help build customer databases which you can use over time to send automated email campaigns with promotions such as discounts or specials like free delivery of food!

You'll get fresh leads that no other restaurants will have.

2. Use email marketing to send the right message at the perfect time

Imagine this: you are in a coffee shop, and suddenly, your phone buzzes to let you know that the WiFi connection is available.

You go over to connect with no intention of spending any money; however, when the screen pops up asking for payment information (even though it’s free), there appears an appealing coupon code just below, which entices customers into buying something. From their menu!

This clever technique was used by restaurants who have experienced success using WiFi Marketing as they send email promos that deliver results - such as first visit date or most recent visit date- so they can create targeted campaigns like automated emails containing coupons or discounts to encourage customers to come back for more.

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3. Improve customer service

Using WiFi marketing for restaurants allows you to reach your customers in a more personal way.

Once a guest is at your restaurant, you can use the internet connection to help them familiarize themselves with your menu or website and give them their order either via email or by allowing them to place an online order.

4. Build profitable relationships with your customers

WiFi marketing is a great way to put yourself out there and get more business.

Send emails out offering exclusive deals on different occasions to connect with your most loyal, as well as potential customers. It's much easier to keep them coming back than it is to find new ones.

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5. Promote positive reviews from satisfied customers

When a current customer leaves a positive review, it inspires others to do the same.

By using WiFi marketing for restaurants, you could have your customers leave reviews directly on your social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or even leave them in an email that they receive after signing onto free WiFi.

This will be very useful when you are trying to change other online portals, as it will help you build a better business reputation.

Select the Perfect WiFi Marketing Software

As a restaurant owner, the next step in your journey to successful WiFi marketing should be finding an efficient software solution that will help you with customer email capture and provide priceless analytics.

There are many options when it comes to WiFi marketing software.

You'll be able to capture emails from your guests and get analytics that will help you better understand customers through data gathered on their phones.


One of the most popular choices is SocialWiFi which starts at $49/month, but has a 14-day free trial so you can try before signing up for any monthly payment plan!

How to create effective WiFi marketing strategy for restaurants? 5 WiFi Marketing Campaign Ideas

1. Online ordering promotion

Choose from a number different WiFi marketing campaigns including online ordering promotion where you can offer your customers first-time orders at discounted rates or create an email that will be triggered once they are out of their favorite restaurant featuring irresistible offers for them to come back soon.

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2. Loyalty programs

This offer will trigger right after the customer leaves so it encourages them to come back again soon.

The idea here would be an incentive such as discount or freebie like coffee if they spent over $20 yesterday - show some appreciation with a little gratitude to the customer.

3. Collect feedback and reviews

Customer feedback is very important, especially when you are a new business just starting out.

Now that more people have free WiFi access on their smart phones or tablets, it's much easier than ever to let your customers leave feedback directly from their mobile devices which will also allow them to share it with their friends and followers.

4. Get to know your customers

Try to find out as much as you can about each individual customer which will enable you to deliver more targeted offers or discounts that match with their needs.

For example, if a customer has visited your restaurant before and came back saying how good the dessert was, why not send this person an email coupon for free dessert the next time they visit.

5. Keep it simple

As much as WiFi marketing is beneficial to your business, remember that how cheap it is doesn't mean the quality of service you provide should be any less.

Keep in mind that WiFi marketing for restaurants is not a replacement to great customer service but should be used as an addition to give guests more information about your restaurant or other unique ways of doing things.

Don't forget about the privacy disclaimer

The days of a restaurant without WiFi are quickly becoming extinct.

This means that all the data you generate when using their services is being collected and stored by them, which can be problematic for privacy-minded customers who want to maintain control over how much information they share with others online.

Before signing on as a customer at any establishment, ensure that they have appropriate protections in place so your personal life doesn't become public knowledge!

Final Thoughts

WiFi marketing for restaurants can help you improve customer loyalty and increase check value, so it would be a pity not to try.

There are many tools still being developed in the hospitality industry that will take this form of marketing in new directions. Still, today WiFi is an exciting buzzword with limitless potential.

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