Top Online Food Ordering Systems for Restaurants in 2022

Online food ordering systems are becoming more and more popular as people become accustomed to getting food delivered to their door. Online food ordering websites are a great way for restaurants to generate more revenue.

If you own a restaurant, you need to consider an online ordering system or website; you’re probably aware of the numerous food ordering systems out there. Their range is endless, and you may have spent a lot of time trying to research all the features, benefits, and possible drawbacks they provide. But don’t worry, because we’ve done it for you.

We’ve picked out some of the top online food ordering systems for restaurants (Both Commissioned-based and Commission-free) that will surely match your requirements, regardless of whether you’re running a homemade ice-cream parlor or an exclusive restaurant in downtown Manhattan.

To help you out in this case, we have found the 8 top online food ordering systems to consider in 2022

List Of Top Online Food Ordering Systems in 2022

  1. Bookmyorder
  2. ChowNow
  3. MenuDrive
  4. Toast POS
  5. Square POS
  6. iMenu360
  7. Restolabs
  8. GloriaFood

1. Bookmyorder

Bookmyorder is a free online ordering and table reservation system for restaurants. It allows restaurant owners to create a free website by using Bookmyorder or integrating their existing website. The ordering system features a user-friendly interface that allows customers to place their orders and pay online directly on the Restaurant's Web site without ever leaving it.  Customers can place takeout or delivery orders via a custom website, mobile app, or Facebook page. Bookmyorder integrates with your existing website, which allows you to offer free Online Ordering and Reservation to your customers without investing any effort or any money.

With Bookmyorder, it's easy for you to control your orders 24/7, take care of your customers better, increase sales and table reservations. Bookmyorder lets you define your own look with themes and supports unlimited order volumes. And, it's completely free. Bookmyorder is the best and free GloriaFood Alternative out in the market.

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Bookmyorder Features

  • Bookmyorder offers real-time processing to keep up with the demand of small businesses.
  • Supports Multi-Location Feature
  • It offers live website editing so you can edit your menus and set business hours on the go. 
  • Powerful email management system to keep your restaurant running smoothly
  • The user-friendly restaurant panel allows you to tweak orders or manage vouchers, while email management makes online communication simple.
  • Invoice Management
  • Secure Way to integrate payment methods
  • Users can place their orders for takeaways, dine-ins, etc.
  • Pre-ordering Options
  • Real-time Analytics to give you a quick glance at your customers’ behavior
  • Easily Handling bulk orders from customers
  • Save time spent on tedious tasks like managing schedules, searching for order updates, or inputting receipts
  • We offer multi-language 24/7 support in order to cater for a diverse audience and have always been committed to providing restaurants with a reliable and affordable POS System


Bookmyorder is free with all its above-mentioned features.

Bookmyorder is available now on Playstore. You can download it here

2. ChowNow

ChowNow is a very renowned online ordering system that allows restaurants to create a customized online ordering experience on their own websites, mobile apps, or social media platforms.

With ChowNow, you can create menus, set business hours of your business, invoicing, estimated time available (ETA) notifications to your customers, accepting bulk orders, etc. 


  1. $149 /month +$399 Setup Fee Per Location
  2. $119 /month +$199 Setup Fee Per Location
  3. $ 99 /month +$199 Setup Fee Per Location

MenuDrive allows you to launch your branded restaurant online ordering system, where users can get online delivery and takeout orders through your website, mobile applications, or your social media profiles.

MenuDrive offers restaurants to add their business logo, business images, 100+ tailored-made restaurant website templates, set business hours, invoice management, email management, and a lot of other features. 


Plans starting from just $149/ month.

4. Toast POS

Toast is a cloud-based POS with a powerful and robust online ordering system for high-volume restaurants. It leverages restaurants with the technology that need to succeed in today’s competitive world. 

Toast centralizes all of the ordering processes in a single place to keep you ahead in the competition. Restaurants can customize their business hours and zones to keep their customers happy. It allows you to offer various kinds of discounts like buy 1 get 1 free, happy hour, etc. A robust customer management feature makes Toast worthy for high-volume restaurants to consider in 2021.


Subscription fees starting from just $79/ month for one terminal. It also offers a quote-based enterprise pricing plan for more than six terminals in a single restaurant. 

5. Square POS

Square Point of Sale (POS) is dedicated to building a sound online presence of any restaurant regardless of its size and nature. It allows restaurants to create a free website to take online orders, manage deliveries, dine-in, takeaway, inventory management, and invoicing. 

Its powerful payment integration methods allow restaurants to add all major payment methods that streamline their invoice management process and give customers a user-friendly atmosphere.


  • Square groups its pricing into plans for two to five employees ($50/month) 
  • And 6 to 10 employees ($90/month).

6. iMenu360

Restaurants can integrate fully customized menus with their own website, with their mobile apps such as iOS or Android, or with social media profiles. Restaurants will also see some other fantastic features like managing bulk orders, loyalty programs, creating discount offers, personalized design, and email management.


Plans starting from just $199/ month.

7. Restolabs

 If you have a small restaurant business and want a sufficient online ordering system, then Restolabs will be the perfect choice for your establishment.

 This system allows you to see real-time analytics, POS integration, Facebook ordering, create a customized menu, set business hours, and manage invoice and email management with a hassle-free process.


  1. $45 per month/store for Basic Plan
  2. $85 per month/store for Enterprise Plan
  3. Enterprise Plan is also available

8. GloriaFood

GloriaFood is a famous online ordering system that allows restaurants to create customized menus, accept orders for pickup and/or delivery through their restaurant’s website, iOS and Android Application, and Facebook page.

It offers an easy-to-use dashboard, quick menu setup, free unlimited locations, pre-ordering options, business hours settings, customized discount offers, etc.


GloriaFood offers its Basic Plan for free. But for some of its features, users have to pay them such as 

  • Online / Credit Card Payment Service (US$29 per month)
  • Promo Marketing (US$19 per month)
  • Branded Mobile Apps (US$59 per month)
  • Sales Optimized Website (US$9 per month)

Bottom Line of Top Online Ordering Systems

Online ordering system is becoming the need of restaurants world. It’s hard to say which platform is the best for you. Examine and observe your business requirements critically, it will address this question.

Take your restaurant or food delivery online with a robust website, mobile application and order management system.

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